About Us

Welcome to Miner Tips

We are a newly founded Bitcoin mining company. We’re here to help savvy investors get started mining Bitcoin easily with no technical knowledge required, and no maintenance or electric bills to deal with.

We are firm believers in the technology behind Bitcoin. With our experience and quality selection of hardware, we are primed to help our customers profit greatly in the early stages of a revolutionary digital currency.

Our goal is to deliver the best selection of Bitcoin mining hardware plus expert advice and tips to help you grow your investment.

We sell the best ASIC dedicated bitcoin mining hardware on the market. That means fast hashing speeds and efficient energy consumption. We only endorse proven and respected manufacturers.

Bitcoin mining is largely about margins, so it’s important to us that our hardware is priced competitively for your bottom line. Our affordable hardware and hosting services will help you profit faster.

We strive to deliver excellent, reliable service. That includes dependable Bitcoin mining hardware, dedicated hosting services, great pricing and promotions along with customer support, available 24/7.