18 Different Ways You Can Use Bitcoin

By on December 4, 2017

This list of ways to use Bitcoin is for everyone who just has no clue about what Bitcoin really is and what you can do with it.

This is also for the naysayers who believe Bitcoin’s volatility makes it only useful as an investment vehicle or those who think it’s only used by criminals and the underworld.

Bitcoin has the potential to change finance, eCommerce, copyrights, voting and dozens more industries. It’s already making breakthroughs, headlines and innovate steps to make life easier and the world a better place.

Here are 18 different ways you can use Bitcoin:

  1. Sell products and services (Shopify)
  2. Buy any products and services (Coinbase + ShiftPayments Visa Debit Card)
  3. Investing (Coinbase or CEX.io)
  4. Digital notarization by publicly time-stamping anything to make it provable in the court of law
  5. Digital voting on a trusted system where you can verify your vote and remain anonymous
  6. Copyright your creations on the cheap (Binded.com)
  7. Affordable remittance payments to your family in foreign countries
  8. Affordable payments to anyone, anywhere in the world
  9. Gambling
  10. Tip people for good content or providing a service
  11. Create an application using Bitcoin payments
  12. Send marketing to targeted groups or get paid to answer questions (Earn.com)
  13. Give it as a gift, Merry Christmas! (Coinbase)
  14. Commemorate an event to be stored on the Blockchain forever
  15. Donate to a charity anonymously
  16. Re-invest in cloud mining Bitcoin hashing power contracts to generate daily returns (Hashflare.io)
  17. Re-invest in Bitcoin mining hardware to grow your profit (Bitmain)
  18. Buy other Cryptocurrencies (CEX.io)

What else do you use Bitcoin for? Did you find any of these tips useful? Please leave a comment below to continue the discussion.

Bitcoin is not just a good investment, it’s a platform for innovation!

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Mark is a web developer and online marketer by day and Bitcoin miner 24/7. As a lifelong entrepreneur and early adopter, Mark naturally gravitated towards Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies and sees a bright future ahead for the industry. If you enjoyed tips from Mark, why not send him one? Mark's Wallet address: 1PZ1TLfVKVttMpceueapD3uQ1AB2zSowh9